Graphite Casting Rings

Superior Permeability and Porosity

MMEI Graphite Casting Rings are custom-engineered to meet the strictest of requirements of billet casting environments. With a complete range of designs, MMEI retrofits molds of most casting tables available on the market.

Each MMEI manufactured ring is precision machined from a unique isostatically molded piece of graphite, specifically required for each casting application. This technique produces rings with high and uniform porosity and permeability. This creates a ring with a uniform flow rate of air or oil around the ring’s circumference ensuring a high quality surface finish on the billets over many castings.

As a result, MMEI rings have high strength and resist thermal shock, which reduces clogging and improves service life.

MMEI Rings are available in sizes from 3” to 24” in diameter.

MMEI graphite casting rings are available in a variety of designs to retrofit most molds. Each is machined to tight tolerances to ensure a precise fit in your mold every time. Various end coatings as required by the mold type are also available.

Graphite casting ring permeability and porosity diagram.

Permeability is the measure of how well a fluid flows through the material. It is dependent on how well connected the pores are to allow the fluid to pass through it. As demonstrated below, both examples have the same number and size of pores. However, the example on the right has better permeability due to the alignment of the pores to form passageways, allowing the fluid to pass through the material.

graphite casting rings

MMEI’s Graphite Casting Rings use a specially developed material with excellent porosity and permeability for superior performance.

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