Degassing Shafts & Rotors

MMEI’s patented QUAD-zilla® Shaft & Rotor features a unique rotor head and superior metal treatment that achieves better degassing results in less time. With its ability to operate at lower RPM’s, the MMEI design eliminate “dead zones” to ensure complete treatment of the molten metal. The new RHINO sleeve protects shaft for longer service life.  You can use the QUAD-Zilla on your existing degassing unit.

Furnace Treatment Shafts & Rotors

With our state of the art machining centers, MMEI can supply replacement graphite parts for your furnace treatment and degassing equipment.  We offer improved designs, as well as direct replacements if you’re not able to make a process change.  With competitive prices and quick deliveries, MMEI should be your preferred graphite supplier.

Refractory Lined Pipe

  • Sch. 40 steel pipe
  • Available in any configuration
    • Any diameter
    • Any length
    • Straights or elbows
    • 1 or 2 flanges
  • Replacement liners available
    • Will reline at our facility
  • “Special orders don’t upset”