Rotary Degassing Systems

Equipment designed for every application

MMEI offers a complete range of rotary degassing stations featuring the latest advancements in technology to meet your metal treatment needs. MMEI degassing product line includes fully automatic ladle degassing stations, in-line units with single and multiple spinning rotors, portable units, and customized units for degassing over-the-road ladles and other large vessels.

Units are available with complete electric and gas controls which are easy to operate and are programmable to ensure repeatable results. Timers, temperature sensors, digital readouts and other enhancements are incorporated into control packages and designed to be operator friendly. MMEI gas controls include separate flow meters for both the purge and main gas. Gas flow is integrated into the electric controls for optimum operation. Gas controls are available for either inert gas or chlorine use.

Each degassing unit is engineered to exceed the difficult demands of the harsh foundry environment and can be custom built to meet your requirements for performance or space limitations.

Complete Inline Degassing Systems

Pivoting Ladle Degassing Station with Flux Injection Option

Inline Degassing Units

Portable Degasser


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