The ScrapEater – Light-weight Scrap Submergence

High Charge Rate with Improved Recovery Rate

MMEI offers a complete scrap submergence system called the ScrapEater.  The system is designed specifically for submerging light gauge scrap melting it quickly and effectively.

The ScrapEater is engineered to maximize total system performance and offer better metal output than competitive vortex systems. The end result will be a fast return on investment.


Increase melt rates, increase productivity, and increase metal recovery with the Scrapeater.



  • Separate Systems for scrap submergence and circulation
  • Graphite Consumables (lowering ongoing costs)
  • Simple Easy Controls
  • Can stop dross generation when not charging chips
  • Electrically driven with external blower
  • Non-Vortex Dependent Design


  • One Capital Investment
  • Installation on an operating furnace
  • Increase metal recovery
  • Mobility between furnaces
  • Faster ROI
  • Less time needed for cleaning


Click on the link below to open PDF: