Non-Ferrous Molten Metal Gas Injection Pumps

MMEI’s Circulation Pumps have the added optional feature of injecting inert gases or chlorine for demagging your metal bath. We have various designs for the injection tubes to meet our customer’s preference and space restraints. The foot and tube design can be added to most of our circulation pumps with a simple addition of a clamp. Other designs introduce the gas within the pump base, shearing the gas into small bubbles and increasing the gas reaction with the metal. Remove the magnesium from your melt with MMEI gas injection pumps.  Improved metal quality, every time!


Big Foot Angled Tube Gas Injection
Thor Foot and Tube Gas Injection
Workhorse Foot and Tube Gas Injection
Mini Foot and Tube Gas Injection


  • Offer various designs for injection techniques inside and outside the pump base
  • Bottom injection techniques have more effective and efficient bubble shearing
  • In base designs to reduce back pressure
  • Works with all MMEI Circulation Pumps


  • Produces cleaner molten metal
  • More effective and efficient use of gas
  • Mag-chloride buildup in pump is minimized
  • Easy service and parts replacement