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Molten Metal Equipment offers a complete line of products for every need.

Circulation Pumps

  • Circulates the molten metal quickly and effectively
  • Increases melt rates while reducing energy consumption
  • Eliminates temperature stratification
  • Perfect for mixing metal for fast alloying

Gas Injection Pumps

  • Can be used to demag or degas metal
  • Treat metal faster and more thoroughly
  • Increases productivity of furnace
  • Includes all the benefits of a circulation pump (see above)

Launder Transfer Pumps

  • Newest technology with all subsurface movement
  • Quiescent transfer of metal eliminates turbulence
  • Improves metal quality by reducing dross and inclusions
  • Can feed casting lines, fill ladles and transfer between furnaces

Traditional Transfer Pumps

  • Safely transfers molten metal
  • Increase flow rates, reduce transfer times and improve productivity
  • Capable of delivering metal to high heights
  • Available with air or electric motors

Filter Transfer Pumps

  • Add metal filtration to your transfer pump for improved metal quality
  • Uses a ceramic foam filter which is inexpensive and easy to replace
  • Filter protects rotor from rocks and other debris in the metal

Speed Demon Transfer Pump

  • Empty furnaces, degassing units, crucibles, etc for maintenance
  • Submerges in about 15 minutes
  • Small footprint fits in small openings
  • Flow rates up to 300 lbs./min

Metal Maiden Transfer Pump

  • For use with zinc alloys, tin or lead
  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel
  • Air or electric driven with variable speed motors
  • Achieve high flow rates and high metal lift

Refractory Lined Transfer Pipe

  • Refractory lining insulates and protects steel exterior
  • Available in straights up to 48” long and elbows in almost any angle, custom fabricated to your needs
  • Liners are replaceable – provides cost savings

In-Line Degassing System

  • For superior in-line metal treatment
  • Available with unique submerged heating system
  • Constructed with a durable liner and insulated for maximum energy savings
  • Single and multiple chamber designs depending on your requirements

Ladle Degassing Stations

  • Fully automatic unit simplifies metal treatment
  • Programmable operation can be customized to your needs
  • Features our QUAD-Zilla degassing rotor & shaft for improved metal treatment
  • Available with flux injection

Portable Degassing Units

  • Light weight (35 lbs) unit is perfect for degassing ladles, crucibles and small furnaces
  • Simple operation, sits on top of well
  • Air driven for reliable operation
  • Features our QUAD-Zillla degassing rotor and shaft for superior metal treatment

Replacement Degassing Parts

  • Features our QUAD-Zilla rotor design for improved metal treatment
  • Custom made to retrofit your existing equipment
  • Other rotor designs available as well as shafts in nearly any length
  • Made from premium graphite, treated for resistance to oxidation

ScrapEater – Scrap Submergence System

  • Increases melt rate for light weight scrap for more production out of your furnace
  • Provides measurable improvement in metal recovery
  • Submerges scrap quickly and efficiently, minimizes dross formation

Graphite Casting Rings for Billet Tables

  • Complete range of designs to fit your billet casting tables
  • Sizes up to 24” diameter
  • Unique graphite which offers high porosity and permeability
  • Factory testing of each ring is available

Machined Graphite Parts

  • Complete CNC machining capabilities for graphite parts
  • 5th axis machining for making complicated shapes and tight tolerances
  • Access to a complete range of graphite materials including extruded, molded and isostatic grades as well as treated materials
  • Quick-turnaround time

Coming Soon!

  • We’re always looking to improve upon our existing products!
  • We strive to serve you better by improving the durability, longevity and efficiency of our existing pumps and by designing and implementing new designs that work to save you time, money, and reduce downtime.