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Smart Pump

Smart Pump Technology

Advanced control system automatically controls speed of pump based on furnace operating conditions

  • Control pump based upon furnace operating conditions
  • Uses a variety of sensors to read temperature, metal level, vibration and more
  • Pump speed adjusts automatically to increase furnace productivity, reduce manpower, and increase pump service life
  • Reduces man-power requirements to operate furnace
  • Improves pump service life
  • Improves furnace productivity
  • Provides a fast payback

System Components

MMEI Circulation or Gas Injection Pump

  • Variable frequency drive
  • Vibration sensor to detect abnormal pump movement
  • Thermocouple in pump to measure metal temperature

MMEI Smart Pump Control Panel

  • HMI touch screen interface
  • PLC
  • Laser sensor for measuring metal depth

System Inputs

  • Metal Temperature
  • Metal Depth from Laser
  • Vibration Signal
  • Pump Speed
  • Pump Amp Draw

Laser Metal Level Sensor

    1. Laser metal level sensor is used to detect metal level in the furnace
    2. When charging the furnace:
      1. metal level increases, temperature decreases & pump speeds up
    3. When emptying the furnace:
      1. metal level decreases, temperature increases & pump slows down

Pump Vibration Measurement

  • Sensor detects strong or unusual vibrations
  • When sensor detects a strong or unusual vibration on pump, it will stop the pump to prevent further damage. Sets off alarm for operator to check pump.

Vibrations can be caused by:

  • Loose support brackets
  • Broken post or bearing
  • Solids stuck in the rotor

Monitors Amp Usage

Uses pump amperage to measure wear on the rotor

  • Adjust pump speed accordingly to maintain flow
  • Advises when rotor is worn out and should be changed
  • Monitors for amp spikes, indicating blockage in rotor, and stops pump to prevent damage