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Successful New Equipment Installations, Lessons Learned

Simple Solutions That Work! (September 2019) – As global demand for non-ferrous metals continues to increase, and aluminum in particular with its positive attributes finds new applications, installing new production capacity in your operation should be one of the great joys of business.

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Using Smart Technologies to Circulate & Transfer Molten Metal

Simple Solutions That Work! (April 2019) – It would seem to state the obvious that the interface between machines and human beings is at the center of metal processing. Over time the depth to which this relationship has developed has been the basis for the different phases of industrial “revolution.” The Internet of things (IoT) now enables an entirely new way to connect the many decentralized components of a system so that information can be shared and used in ways that was previously not possible.

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Minimizing Dross Creation in Molten Aluminum Transfer

Simple Solutions That Work! (September 2018) – It is a simple enough concept that the goal of any molten metal processing business should be to finish the process with the amount of metal for sale that is as close as possible to the amount you started with.

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MMEI Introduces Large Capacity Molten Metal Circulation Pump

BIGFOOT offers more flow at lower RPMs than competitive pumps

Middlefield, OH (July 26, 2016) – Molten Metal Equipment Innovations (MMEI) introduces the Bigfoot circulation and gas injection pump. Bigfoot was developed out of client needs for increased flow during molten metal circulation, but with reduced size. Bigfoot achieves the same flow rates as larger pumps, but does it more effectively and efficiently. [ Click to learn more! ]

MMEI Bigfoot Introduction

Trimet benefits from Workhorse LT pump

Worker safety is always a paramount consideration in aluminium plants. That was one of the key motivations behind Trimet’s implementing a launder transfer pump made by Ohio, USA-based MMEI, and purchased through Gerken SA.

Aluminum Times (September, 2016) –Belgium-based Gerken SA (a subsidiary of Gerken Group) specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of degassing shafts, rotors and graphite casting rings. Also it is renowned for its own anti-oxidation impregnation of graphite. In Europe, the firm is the representative for Molten Metal Equipment Innovations (MMEI). The company MMEI manufactures graphite pumps for circulation and transfer of molten metal. Within Trimet Aluminium SE’s massive [ Click to learn more! ]