Non-Ferrous Molten Metal Speed Demon Transfer Pump

MMEI’s Speed Demon quick immersion pump is designed for low lift, low volume, low flow applications. The Speed Demon can fit in a very small opening 8-10″.



  • For use with molten metal such as aluminum and zinc
  • Quick immersion pump! The Speed Demon is designed to be submerged and operating quickly – within minutes!
  • Use to pump out crucibles, ladles, filter and degassing boxes, even larger furnaces! Can also be used to fill molds or ingots.
  • Flow rates up to 300 lbs. (135 Kgs.)/min
  • 6″ diameter riser provides a small footprint that can easily fit in small openings and tight spaces.
  • Rugged pump construction, built for the harsh molten metal environment
  • Pneumatic motor allows variable speed operation for varying metal flow. Electrically driven units are also available


  • Light weight and portable for easy movement throughout a plant
  • Engineered to provide long service life
  • Designed for easy assembly and repair
  • Refractory lined transfer piping available for use with the pump